company policy

To be a leading ship management company, and to be a reliable partner for our clients.

Our goal is making our customer feeling comfortable with our services.

To supply our customers services directly or through business partners. Our services are:
 - Reliable 
 - Competetive 
 - In compliance with stipulated rules

Core Values:
Safety first
Our customer are our focus and trust
Proffesional and high quality service and administration
Close cooperation with our customers
We aim to improve our service all the time.

Customers and business partners.
Our operation is based on our customers. Therefore, we will always aim to gain our customers trust and to insure that the trust is not lost. We desire a close cooperation with our business partners in order to improve our abilities to provide high quality services to our customers. At the same time, we aim for a professional administration.


Quality and environment.

We manage our work according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. These standards focus on quality and environment. We strive to meet the requirements of these standards and undergo audits on a regular basis.

Our environmental goals reflect the fact that our activities are mainly administrative.

We strive to minimize our use of paper and energy, we make sure that our chemical purchases are certified with an aknowledged environment label, and we encourage our customers to use electronic invoies when billing us.


Our results are depending on the abilities and courage of our employees. We value loyalty, credibility and independent thinking. We share knowledge and work in teams. We aim towards becoming a prefered employer by prioritizing training and personal development.

We believe in equal job seeking opportunities for everyone and will never implement any restrictions regarding this matter.

Safety and health.
We commit ourselves to consider safe conditions regarding our daily business. We take responsibility for the safety and health of our employees and our customers. We believe that safety is a culture and an implemented part of our position.

Share holders and financial institutions.
We continue to work towards gaining a satisfying yield of our investments in order to increase the share capital by steering towards a slow growth.

We recognize the importance of the quality of our suppliers.

We comply with stipulated rules and regulations. We support the improvementof safety within the ship management industry and the protection of the environment.